My Journey to Publication

This journey to publishing “Better Than Me” has truly been a labor of love and a journey in patience.

I originally wrote this book in 2009 while sitting at work completely fed up with my job. It happened to be slow that day and so I poured my heart into a story based on the one person who was a constant source of joy, my son.

Not long after I completed the book, I was in search of a publisher. Was absolutely delighted when I found one who wanted to do a traditional publishing deal with me. A few months in, around early 2010, I realized she had either bitten off more than she could chew or was just a straight up fraud. And listen, I felt I’d done my research by reaching out to people she’d worked with previously but somehow even due diligence on my part wasn’t enough.

Eventually, I started receiving messages from others who were angry about their experiences with her asking if I had a way to contact her. Turns out, I didn’t. She stopped communicating completely.

Now before any of this happened, I’d signed a 3-year publication deal with her which meant I couldn’t shop my book around to other people. I sent letters and emails trying to terminate the contract to no avail. So my joy of publication turned into a three-year wait.

By early 2014 I was ready to move forward with finding a proper home for “Better Than Me.” I emailed countless publishers, mailed out manuscripts and entered contests. Ultimately, I settled on self-publishing. I reached out to an illustrator who I was familiar with, paid him a deposit and never got one single mock up!  There are no words for how angry and disheartened I was at that point. As a result, I shoved “Better Than Me” into a corner never to be seen again.

Then in late 2016 I was going through an old flash drive and “Better Than Me” popped up. I read over it, tweaked it a bit and decided it was time to get PUBLISHED.

Mid 2017, I found Beau Noir Publishing! What a blessing the process has been. I am truly thankful for the level of professionalism, communication and attention to detail that owner, Monique Curry, has provided little ole me throughout this process.

Lesson: God’s timing is never ours but it’s always perfect! No matter how many people disappoint you, mislead you or out right take advantage of you, remember why you started that thing and get it done. Never give up!

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